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Paddi Benson and Grace Lemon are two highly acclaimed Uilleann Pipers who met in London's thriving folk music scene. The pair joined forces to write new music and challenge the boundaries of piping. As accomplished musicians in their own right - Paddi, a graduate of the University of Limerick MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance and Grace, a four-time All Ireland champion - together they complement each other's virtuosic playing, interchanging motifs and layering voices so that the two sets of pipes serve as accompaniment to each other.


Musical capabilities aside, Paddi and Grace are distinct in their ability to traverse creative worlds; they are storytellers, composers, visual artists and historians. They write new material drawn from stories unearthed from historical archives while carrying resonance in today's world. With an interest in visual aesthetics, the duo perform with innovative backdrops representing the people and places that underpin their music.  

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